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Looking ahead, The Forecast is looking good!

The past few weeks have been pretty amazing for Poppyland Radio. First, we had the official Switch-On of our new studio complex 'The Pod', then MP Duncan Baker namechecked Poppyland Radio in The House of Commons. We also officially unveiled our new station sponsor 'Vattenfall' - a sustainable energy company helping to give Norfolk and the rest of the UK fossil freedom and energy security with their offshore wind farm in the North Sea.

Now powered by Vattenfall (and the solar panels on the roof of The Pod) we're about to launch a brand new show 'The Forecast'. The show will inform, enlighten and entertain you as the content takes a close look at some of the most interesting and important issues affecting life in Poppyland.

The latest product of our growing partnership with the University of East Anglia, The Forecast is presented by two talented UEA students - Georgia and Hallie. You may have heard them before as they've both guested on, and presented The Mardle already this year.

Vattenfall can take much of the credit for the show as they introduced UEA to Poppyland Radio and encouraged us to support students by providing practical broadcast and media experience. We, of course, jumped at the chance to help and look forward to supporting as many students as we can through a variety of opportunities we're working on.

Georgia and Hallie will be taking a close look at many of the issues that concern, fascinate and even scare us. Topics like sustainability, climate change, communities, smart living, and local career opportunities to name but a few. Having been introduced to some of the most knowledgeable professionals in the world by Vattenfall - including marine biologists, climate change experts, construction engineers, technicians, recruiters, and energy consultants to name but a few - The Forecast will interview them to flush out breaking stories, exciting opportunities, good news and fascinating facts.

Also featuring in the show will be regular reports on local news and events from an army of budding journalists at UEA, hand-picked by Georgia and Hallie to deliver the best fresh content for the show in every episode.

The Forecast is on air every Wednesday from 3pm, so listen in to Georgia and Hallie as they become even more experienced and impressive behind the mic.

The Forecast is a Poppyland Radio production, presented by Georgia and Hallie, powered by Vattenfall, supported by Murphy's (UK) Construction and the University of East Anglia.

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This is all immense and I will tune in, good on Hailie and Georgia knowledge is power and I had a video shoot at UEA less than a week ago! What is the best way I can send my material? I have clean stuff along with material for late night streaming. Yours truthfully Christopher Parsons aka RappaLupus and have a wonderful weekend :)

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