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Punk Rock House Party

Welcome to "The Punk Rock House Party" hosted by Big Mike!

Get ready for a high-octane punk rock fiesta! Here's a glimpse of what our show has in store:

Punk Anthems: We'll be thrashing to the most iconic punk anthems. From classics to underground gems, it's a punk rock frenzy.

Band Spotlight: Dive into the punk scene with in-depth band profiles and interviews. Discover the rebellious stories behind the music.

DIY Spirit: Punk is all about DIY culture. Explore punk fashion, zines, and the vibrant underground punk scene.

Gig Chronicles: Relive legendary punk gigs and festivals. From the mosh pit to stage dives, we've got the energy of live punk shows.

Listener's Rebellion: We want to hear your punk stories, shoutouts, and requests. Be part of the punk rock chaos!

Whether you're a punk veteran or just diving into the scene, "The Punk Rock House Party" with Big Mike is your ticket to punk's raw, unapologetic spirit. So, put on your leather jacket, spike that hair, and let's unleash the punk rock mayhem!

Mike Waters

I'm Big Mike. I've played in bands since I was 13 and been a professional wrestler for 25 years. I play in 2 bands; Punk & Rockabilly. I've dj’d sets at clubs & festivals specialising in punk and alternative music. I'm interested in a show playing the finest commercial & underground punk/alt music .

Punk Rock House Party

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