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Poppyland Radio was born out of lockdown in 2021 and has been entertaining, informing and amusing listeners ever since. With a superb blend of mainstream and specialist music shows, chat, community information and friendly banter we're on a mission to bring great entertainment, insight and music to listeners across North Norfolk and beyond. We want our programmes to help combat loneliness and isolation and of course to entertain, to be useful and to be talked about. We depend on enthusiastic volunteers and are happy to welcome more into the Poppyland Radio family. With incomparable shows like The Mardle and The Norfolk Treasure Hunt, and our superb presenters, we're quickly gaining a great reputation (and awards) along our stretch of the North Sea coast.


What kind of programmes can you find on Poppyland Community Radio?

Our programmes aim to inform and entertain, enhancing the quality of life of our listeners. We're all part of the Poppyland Community and have many shared interests, not just the fact that we all love this wonderful part of Norfolk.

Residents and visitors to the Poppyland area are encouraged to participate and contribute to the station. Although we love to represent the variety of styles and interests of the community, all our programming and presenters, contributors and editors have signed the Poppyland Community Radio Code of Conduct, so you can be sure that everything you hear meets our high and responsible standards.

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