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Crayford & Abbs surprise for Poppyland Radio smash hit show

In today's live and local Norfolk Treasure Hunt show on Poppyland Radio, the team were surprised to discover an unexpected bonus as the episode got under way. Listeners helped crack the first clue, sending Claire, Mike and Adam in the radio car off to Bodham in North Norfolk.

The second part of the clue was trickier, referencing a famous old name connected with Oxford, and the name Morris. Again, listeners came to the rescue and made the connection to the Morris Garages (MG), originally based in Oxford. That put Norfolk car dealership Crayford & Abbs in the frame as their impressive MG dealership is in Bodham.

Once at Crayford & Abbs, the team spotted the distinctive pink envelope containing the next clue, tucked behind the windscreen wiper of a gleaming new MG4 EV. Inside the envelope, along with Clue 2, was a key fob emblazoned with the MG logo and instructions to swap cars and complete the Treasure Hunt in the MG! Radio car driver Mike was delighted, so the team decamped to the fully-charged all-electric MG4 for the rest of the Treasure Hunt.

Mike reported that driving the MG was amazing, very intuitive and highly responsive. It was also a real eye-opener as it was his first time behind the wheel of an electric vehicle (EV) since he went on the dodgems at Cromer Carnival last year! The MG was put through its paces as the team tried to crack the rest of the clues against the clock.

The next clue took them to the lively Whitwell & Reepham Station 40s' weekend which was in full swing, before being sent to The Parlour at Binham Priory, then on to Sheringham Park. Finally, Blunders, Will, Steve and Immy in the studio were able to pass on the listeners' directions, sending the radio car to Hillside Animal & Shire Horse Sanctuary, where the treasure was eventually found in the gift shop. Inside a bright pink package was yet another envelope, revealing the name of the 'Local Treasure': winner Sarah Jeans was nominated by her village to receive the treasure in recognition of all her hard work for the community.

As before, Poppyland Radio listeners and Norfolk Treasure Hunt fans hit the airwaves to help find the treasure. Priceless. Give yourselves a huge pat on the back!

Poppyland Radio and the Norfolk Treasure Hunt team are also truly grateful for the support and generosity of Crayford & Abbs in providing the radio car, and to all the events, attractions and venues who helped to make this show so much fun and another great success. Tune in again for the next Treasure Hunt on Sunday 5th May at 10.00am!

Whitwell & Reepham Station

Hillside Animal & Shire Horse Sanctuary


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