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Home Truths

Everyone has a story to tell, a life well lived, maybe even a skeleton in the cupboard? Hear about our specially invited studio guests back stories, challenges, achievements, celebrations and surprising 'home truths'. In each show, a new guest is gently (and voluntarily) 'interrogated' by one of our popular Poppyland Radio presenters, depending on who knows who and is available at the time!

Home Truths shines a light on 'local treasures' who may be selflessly supporting the community, inspiring those around them, punching above their weight or just doing extraordinary things in their own unique way. Punctuated by specially selected tracks and friendly banter, Home Truths is on Thursdays at 1pm, whilst previous editions are available on demand by following the MixCloud link.

Catherine van Battum, Mark Blundell, Mike Goldwater...

I love meeting people and finding out more about what makes them tick. Naturally curious (nosey?) I want to get to know people in our local community and I hope you'll enjoy hearing all about them.

Home Truths

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