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In the Swing

Join Andy and Madeline for a selection of swing and standards, mainly from the fifties and sixties. They'll be playing some of their favourite songs from this era and chatting about them, as well as reminiscing about their own experiences as performers.

Madeline Hudson & Andy Walker

MADELINE: After living in the south-east, then in the north-west, Madeline moved to Overstrand in 2001. Amateur dramatics and music - especially singing - are her main interests, and she has performed in numerous concerts, plays, and shows. She now sings regularly with vocal groups 'In the Swing' and 'The Walker Brothers'!

ANDY: Andy moved to Overstrand from Essex in 2012. A trained classical singer, he has performed in opera, musicals and rock bands and now sings with vocal duos 'In the Swing' and 'The Walker Brothers'. A plumber by trade, his hobbies include motorcycles, cars and music.

In the Swing

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