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Riverlands broadcasts live environmental sound from the National Trust's Blickling and Felbrigg Estates in North Norfolk.

Martin Scaiff and Rob Coleman

HomeSounds is working with the National Trust through its Riverlands Upper Bure project to bring the diverse, and little explored, acoustic habitats of the River Bure in Norfolk, UK, to new audiences. This will be achieved through the installation of a series of live-streaming microphones sited within the River Bure catchment on the Felbrigg and Blickling Estates.

"Through sensory activities we want people to build connections to nature that allow them to discover our diverse landscapes, to access and enjoy more of their local river, feeling a sense of belonging where everyone is welcome."

National Trust

Acoustic habitats of the river, both above and below the waterline, will be live-streamed through the Locusonus Soundmap across a period of 18 months. Alongside the microphone installations will run a program of engagement encouraging audiences to become active in their environmental listening.


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