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The Funk Hour

Enjoy a one-hour showcase of the finest funk music, spanning the diverse spectrum of this genre. While primarily featuring African American music from the late 1960s to the contemporary era, this selection also includes funk from around the world, highlighting the universal appeal of this musical style. You'll groove to a variety of funk subgenres, including soul funk, jazz funk, mellow funk, edgy funk, disco funk, timeless funk, refined funk, and stylish funk.

Paul Hensby

My love for soul, funk, jazz and reggae began when I heard Wilson Pickett on a radio show in the late sixties. Until that breakthrough moment, I was hearing British pop which I then found insipid and unexciting. 

Within weeks I was listening to everything black America was producing - from the soul pop of Motown to the cool jazz of Miles.  And so it continues today...if it excites me and seduces me, well, I'm hooked and am delighted to share my passion with you.

The Funk Hour

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