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The Kitchen Amigos

Three friends who love cooking and enjoy good food, meet to discuss family favourite recipes. Each programme will feature a family staple dinner cooked in 1000s of homes every week. Ingredients, techniques and social history discussed in a light-hearted way. Featuring guest Chef Glen on the phone to give his verdict on the Amigos’ attempts to nail the recipe.

Gavin, Simon and Chris

From Birmingham and studied at Moseley school of Art. Now an Artist, I've worked in print, graphic design and project management. I first came to Norfolk in 1999 and moved to Northrepps in 2016. I've written and produced two village pantos, set up village charity, am a Parish councillor and get involved with most things to do with village life – pub, village hall and Church. My interests are live music and the arts, exhibiting my own work locally.

The Kitchen Amigos

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