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A New Show for Poppyland Radio

Poppyland Radio Introduces "Classic Rock Show" with Andy Perkiss: A Musical Journey through Time.

Poppyland Radio is thrilled to announce the debut of an exciting new show this week— "Classic Rock Show" with Andy Perkiss. Tune in every Sunday at 8 pm as Andy takes you on a nostalgic journey through the golden era of classic and progressive rock.

Andy Perkiss, armed with a deep knowledge and passion for classic and prog rock, is your host for this unforgettable musical experience. With an extensive collection of tunes and the ability to find the perfect song for any occasion or feeling, Andy is dedicated to creating an immersive and entertaining show for rock enthusiasts.

"Classic Rock Show" is all about late-night vibes and listener requests. Every song has a story behind it, adding a personal touch to the music. From iconic rock anthems to hidden gems, Andy will curate a diverse playlist that will transport you back in time and stir up memories.

The show invites you, the listeners, to be a part of the experience. Share your favorite classic rock tracks, special requests, and stories associated with the songs. This interactive element makes "Classic Rock Show" a unique platform where the power of music connects people and creates a sense of community.


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