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Comedy drama from Norfolk via the USA

Huron City Radio Dramas are the brainchild of Daniel Williams, a north Norfolk ex-pat who now lives in the US.

This comedy drama is one of the more entertaining and amusing by-products of the 2020 pandemic. Each episode was made purely to occupy the restless minds of the creative team during lockdown. With contributions from a cast and crew numbering almost 100, the shows have since become popular around the world, winning Webfest Awards and nominations and even earning a regular spot on BBC radio.

Daniel collaborated with a host of talented writers, performers and producers including Anson Pavlov, Jake Buckley, Stacey Jowett, Marty Garavaglia, Paul Miller, Steven Kautz and Robin Schweihofer.

Tune in to the Huron City Radio Dramas on Tuesday nights from 10pm.


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