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Exciting News: The Return of "Rock n Rail" Radio Show!

We are thrilled to announce the highly anticipated return of the "Rock n Rail" radio show with your host, Richard Dutton. Get ready to embark on a musical journey through the world of trains, steam locomotives, and the nostalgia of rail travel.

Date & Time: Tuesday, 17th at 13:00

About the Show: "Rock n Rail" is not your typical radio show; it's a musical exploration of the fascinating connection between railways and music. Join Richard Dutton as he delves into a vast collection of songs that revolve around trains, steam locomotives, traveling by rail, and the enchanting atmosphere of stations. From folk to blues, country to jazz, rock 'n' roll to electronic, this show has it all. Discover familiar classics and hidden gems while gaining insights into how rail travel has influenced music and songwriting throughout history.

About the Presenter: Richard Dutton, your charismatic host, has a deep-rooted passion for radio broadcasting dating back to his teenage years in the 1960s. He fondly remembers tuning in to North Sea offshore pirate radio stations, which he considers the golden age of radio. In this six-part series, Richard will not only entertain you with captivating stories about successful stations like Radio Caroline and Radio London ('Big L') but also provide a comprehensive overview of the rise and fall of all the stations that once operated off the coast of the UK. You can expect to hear authentic jingles, station IDs, and clips from that era, along with a carefully curated selection of music from the past.

Don't miss the triumphant return of "Rock n Rail" with Richard Dutton on Poppyland Radio. Tune in on Tuesday, 17th at 13:00 for a musical journey that will transport you through time and inspire your love for both trains and music.


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