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New Shows starting on Poppyland Radio this week

Poppyland Radio is excited to announce the launch of not one, but two new shows this week! From the lo-fi sounds of the underground to a musical journey across the universe, we've got something for everyone. So, let's take a look at what's in store.

First up is "Across the Universe" with Richard Dutton, airing every Tuesday at 6 pm. Richard has curated an exciting playlist that takes us on a journey through space and time. Each episode will have a unique theme, exploring the depths of space, the planets, stars, the cosmos, futurism, and more. Expect to hear music that reflects the theme, from classic rock to contemporary pop, and everything in between. Tune in to get lost in the magic of the universe.

Next, we have "The Lo-Fi Hour" with Louis every Friday at 10 pm. Lo-fi genre is all about creating a raw, unpolished sound that's both authentic and nostalgic. With roots in the 80s and 90s indie scene, this genre has gained a cult following in recent years for its dreamy, lo-fi production values that transport you to another world. Louis curates an hour of laid-back, low fidelity music, perfect for winding down your week and escaping into a new soundscape.

So, don't miss out on these exciting new shows, and join us every Tuesday and Friday for a musical journey through time and space. Tune in to Poppyland Radio to catch the latest episodes of "Across the Universe" and "The Lo-Fi Hour".


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