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Seen the signs ‘Slow you Down’?

It’s a well known fact that the pace of life in North Norfolk is a little less intense than elsewhere. We even have official road signs telling drivers to ‘Slow you Down’.

Sometimes that’s easier said than done though. That’s why three of North Norfolk’s smartest ladies have come up with a great way to help Poppyland Radio listeners step back a little and enjoy a simpler, happier life. Catch Andrea, Kerri & Kristine’s new show ‘Slow you Down’ at 9am every Saturday.

It’s the perfect antidote if the pace of life becomes a little too hectic for you from time to time. In the show, the team pick their way through some of the disruptive influences that can cast a shadow over our lives and impact on our wellbeing. Hear how they’ve pushed back on topics like consumerism, peer pressure and a host of other subtle influences that can get in the way of you being the happy, healthy and authentic person you’d like to be. Listen in for a calmer, happier outlook on life.

Kristine has worked in media and is an experienced presenter on both TV in her native Latvia and on Poppyland Radio here in her adopted homeland of North Norfolk. Her 'Slow Living' show was a fixture on the Poppyland morning schedule, and paved for the way for this new, more collaborative show.

Andrea is also a familiar voice on Poppyland Radio. Her ‘Around the World’ music show is a firm favourite with listeners, bringing local music from the farthest flung corners of the globe to the airwaves. Kerri completes the 'Slow you Down' team and has a lifetime of experience and adventures to bring to the party.

Slow you Down launches on Saturday, 13 January from 9am. Listen online at, ask your smart speaker to ‘Launch Poppyland Radio’ or download the free Poppyland Radio app.


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