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The Forecast sounds very good...

Poppyland's newest ace reporter - Harrison Cable - takes to the helm of his new show 'The Forecast' this Wednesday from 1pm.

Harrison will inform, enlighten and entertain you as he investigates some of the most interesting and important issues affecting life in Poppyland. He'll be taking a close look at the things that concern, fascinate and even scare us. Topics like sustainability, climate change, communities, smart living, and local career opportunities to name but a few.

Harrison is a star in the making. We're delighted to have him on the Poppyland team, anchoring and producing this important show for us. You heard him here first! Mike Goldwater, Director, Poppyland Radio

The Forecast is powered by Vattenfall, the company harnessing wind power in the North Sea to help provide a fossil-free future for millions of households. They've introduced Harrison to climate change experts, wildlife experts, planners, conservationists and energy specialists. With their help, and a huge cast of characters from members of the public to students, volunteers and charities, Harrison will flush out breaking stories, exciting opportunities, good news and fascinating facts.

Listen out for Harrison on The Forecast every Wednesday on Poppyland Radio from 1pm.


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