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Wakey, wakey, rise and shine!

Tune in to the new live Poppyland Radio Breakfast Show

Catch our brand new breakfast show hosted by DJ Sparky four mornings every week from 9.00am (DJ Sparky takes Thursday morning off so he can save his energy to listen to The Mardle at 3pm).


DJ Sparky is a radio phenomenon. An early morning tour de force. A self-contained power source to charge you up and brighten your day. Expect fireworks and expect energy. As the name implies, DJ Sparky has 'got the power'! Some say he's fresh when his voice goes through the mesh!

If you don't like Mondays, DJ Sparky will brighten your mornings with his live show. Every Ruby Tuesday he'll bring you great music from across the decades, friendly chat and the latest news to set you up for the rest of your day. Even if you're not Wednesdays Child, DJ Sparky will put a spring in your step, and on Friday, I'm in Love with the new Breakfast Show.

Breakfast on Poppyland Radio is no time for meditatin'. It's time to rise and shine!

Catch DJ Sparky live from 9am.


The new live Breakfast Show is so new, we don't even have a sponsor for it yet. For little more than the price of a Full English, your business could propel itself into the hearts and minds of Poppylanders just by sponsoring the show and supporting your local community radio station. Click here to get more details...


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