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Blast from the 90s

Welcome to "Blast from the 90s" with your host, Gary Hopkins!

Step into the time machine as we journey through the electrifying era of the 1990s. Here's a glimpse of what our show offers:

90s Chart-Toppers: Get ready for a sonic blast from the past with the biggest hits of the 90s. From grunge to pop and hip-hop, we've got it all.

Genre Time Warp: The 90s was a kaleidoscope of musical genres. Join us as we explore the diverse sounds that defined the decade.

Artist Rewind: Unearth the stories behind your favorite 90s musicians. From their rise to stardom to the stories behind their iconic tracks, it's all here.

Soundtrack to the Decade: Relive the magic of 90s cinema with memorable movie soundtracks. From "Titanic" to "Pulp Fiction," we've got the hits that defined films.

Listener's Choice: We love hearing from our fellow 90s enthusiasts. Share your memories, shoutouts, and song requests, and be part of the blast!

Whether you embraced the grunge fashion, danced to the Spice Girls, or just love the unforgettable 90s sound, "Blast from the 90s" with Gary Hopkins is your ticket to a time when flannel was king and boy bands ruled the airwaves. So, hop in the time machine, grab your Discman, and let's groove to the iconic tunes that defined the rad 90s!

Gary Hopkins

Gary has worked in Radio since 2011, presenting live shows for a couple of stations presenting Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings. In 2018 Gary decided to host his own show called A Blast From the Past, which looked at charts form the UK and US, this stopped in 2020.

A blast from the 80s was also born in 2018, Blast From the 90s was first aired in 2020 and Blast From The 00s started in September 2022.

When Poppyland Radio started we reached out Gary asking if he would allow Poppyland Radio to broadcast his shows to help with getting Poppyland Radio started. Poppyland Radio now plays either A Blast From 80s or A Blast From 90s each week.

Blast from the 90s

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