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Is your business one of the best kept secrets in Poppyland? Claire will be interviewing Mike every week, as he shares effective marketing principles and tried and tested solutions to help you capitalise on new opportunities and grow your business.

Mike and Claire

A professional marketeer and brand architect for 40 years, working for major ad agencies in the UK and overseas. Worked with global brands including Ford Motor Co, Air Canada and Disney, national governments including Sri Lanka, France and Bosnia. Also worked with a broad range of UK B2C and B2B clients including outbound and domestic travel and tourism brands. Have also been involved in several media companies, from OOH to press, online and broadcast, and have run my own creative marketing consultancy nCompass since 2009.

Claire is an experienced educator, a fully qualified practicing life coach and an avid consumer. She's also married to Mike, so he's used to answering her questions!


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