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Musical Memories from the Morgue

Author and Artist Laurence Staig, an Overstrand resident, wrote Obituaries for over 30 years for The Independent and The Times newspapers. He covered a wide range of subjects from Writers through to Film and Television personalities, but his main subject area were musicians. “Musical memories from the Morgue” takes a look at six of the music
Obituaries he wrote for The Independent. We learn about the writing process as well as the background as to how Obituary writers work. He is joined and interviewed by Poppyland Radio regular Paul Hensby.

Laurence Staig & Paul Hensby

Journalist, author, broadcaster, obituary writer, expert on Spaghetti Westerns and festival organiser, Laurence Staig has many strings to his bow. He now lives in Overstrand and is very supportive of Poppyland Community Radio.

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