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Norfolk Treasure Hunt

In response to pleas from disappointed BBC radio listeners and a torrent of social media chatter, Community Radio have stepped into the air space vacated by an old Radio Norfolk show. The all-new 'Treasure Hunt' was inspired by ‘Treasure Quest’, which fell victim to BBC cuts to local radio services in September last year.

Listeners phone in or message the studio to solve a series of clues that will hopefully lead the radio car to the ‘treasure’ somewhere in Norfolk.

Anchoring the show from Poppyland Radio’s studio complex ‘The Pod’ in north Norfolk – popular local presenter ‘Blunders’ will rely on help from listeners to solve the clues set by the Poppyland Radio quizmaster Steve Osborn. He’ll pass on instructions directly to the Poppyland Radio car driven by Mr. Mike and co-pilot Claire Goldwater (The Mardle), which will be zig-zagging across Norfolk to solve the clues and ultimately, find the treasure.

Once the treasure has been successfully hunted down it will be delivered to a lucky local hero nominated by a listener. That’s the theory anyway, but as it’s a live show, you’ll have to listen online to see what happens. What could possibly go wrong?!

Norfolk Treasure Hunt

Missed a show, click on the below link to listen again

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