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Slow You Down

Do you think that life has taken on a hectic pace and wish to take a step back? Are you tired of the constant pressure to buy the latest thing? Do you wish to live a simpler, happier life? If so then this could be a show for you!

Kristine, Kerri & Andrea

Kristine Ceirane

I am a Norfolk based Latvian creative with a background in press, TV and Project Management. I used to buy a lot of clothes and place a big importance on stuff until I realised that material goods alone do not make me happy and started living differently.


Originally from West Yorkshire but now living in Trimingham, Andrea’s Twitter handle of NorthernNomadNN sums up her life: From Yorkshire to London to Norfolk via Siberia and beyond… Her obsession with remote places and cultures has brought a love of music from all over the world.

Slow You Down

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