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Poppyland George takes Carnival by storm...

Special guest George was one of the stars of the show during Cromer Carnival last week. Normally found at the door of the Butchers Joint in Cromer - sponsors of The Friday Funktion on Poppyland Radio - , George was given the day off to join the Poppyland Radio float for Carnival Procession, and stood proudly at the back of the trailer waving to the crowds. The seven foot tall fibreglass butcher clearly enjoyed his time in the spotlight, and was joined aboard the Poppyland Radio float by no less than 15 presenters who also thoroughly enjoyed themselves talking to the crowds, singing, dancing and blowing their bright pink whistles!

The hot pink Poppyland Radio float was blasting out the tunes and was greeted at every turn by the happy, rocking crowd. Will Wilson, Poppyland Radio Managing Director, was delighted with the float and the reception received from the crowd.

We were supported by the most generous, dedicated and enthusiastic team of volunteers, and I can’t believe that we managed to create such an amazing float with so little resource and so little time. Special thanks must go to Tom who provided his truck and trailer, and to Gavin Smith, Poppyland Radio presenter and local artist, who created the giant cartoon speakers that decorated the float.

As the procession left Carnival Field Cromer at around 7pm and meandered through the packed streets of Cromer, it was clear to see how the parade has established such a far-reaching reputation for being one of the leading carnivals in the country. To see so many people getting involved and having such a great time for the good of the community was a joy. Even Tim Adams, leader of North Norfolk District Council, was spotted directing traffic on that memorable evening. The packed pubs, bars, restaurants, balconies, and vantage points were all heaving; a much needed and most welcome boost for the town.

Will Wilson promised that next year the Poppyland Radio float will be even pinker, even louder and even better. Can’t wait.

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