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Early Birds on Poppyland Radio

Early bird? Tune in to "Poppyland Early Birds" every morning for an energizing start with great music! Connect with us on Instagram @PoppylandRadio and Facebook @PoppylandRadio.


Breakfast on Poppyland Radio

Rise and shine with the Poppyland Breakfast Show! Enjoy the finest rock and feel-good tunes along with your Full English selections. Get the latest news and local weather starting at 9 am. Start your day right with us!


Legal Seagull

Got a legal question, not sure what this law means, tune in to the Legal Seagull on Poppyland Radio.


The Weeks Gone By

Delivered in his own unique way, Darren gives us his alternative take on local, regional, national, global and even extra terrestrial headlines.


The Kitchen Amigos

Three friends passionate about food discuss beloved family recipes. Each episode features a staple dinner cooked in many homes, with lively discussions on ingredients, techniques, and social history. Guest Chef Glen provides verdicts on the Amigos' recipe attempts.


Gone Gardening

Welcome to Gone Gardening, your lively radio show for horticulture enthusiasts. Matt, Leanne, and Jamie cover everything from houseplants to DIY food growing. Join us for trends, hacks, and heartwarming green stories. Cultivate your love for all things green with us!


Community Connectors

Tune in to the Community Connectors show to find out about voluntary and statutory support across North Norfolk. From support for Veterans and Carers, to information about Coastwise and Age Friendly Communities, interviews with SENsational Families and the 12th Man Campaign and much more!


Drivetime with Adam

Get your week off to a fantastic start with "DriveTime," hosted by Adam, every Monday from 4 pm. We've got the perfect tunes to make your Monday commute a breeze. Tune in for a great musical journey to kickstart your week!


That Was the 60's That Was

A dedicated 60s show presented by Ian Hudson who was there when it all happened. Expect to hear 60s soul, Solo Singers, British Blues bands, American West Coast, Folk, R&D, London Bands and so much more.


Classics & Curios

Mark rifles through his record collection and finds a varied selection from multi-million sellers to the tunes that time forgot, with some stories and memories to go with them. He also discovers a few gems from those cheap LPs you used to get from Woolies for 50p a throw! Classics & Curios is sponsored by RWE, the power behind Poppyland Radio.


Bring it to the Table

Like a mardle around a pub table with a roaring fire and a pint in hand, Will and Maff offer their unique take on a different subject each week with accompanying linked tunes on the jukebox to boot.


Punk Rock House Party

Join Big Mike at "The Punk Rock House Party" for a wild ride through punk anthems, band stories, DIY culture, gig memories, and listener rebellion. It's the ultimate punk rock chaos!


Told At Dusk, Remembered At Dawn

Award-winning author Laurence Staig, known for thrillers and horror, releases "Told at Dusk, Remembered at Dawn," a collection of 16 uncollected stories and a novella. His first book since "The Companion," this Poppyland resident's work is a mix of humor and grotesque, exploring secrets, mind-altering drugs, art, and the supernatural.


Poppyland Through the Night

Ease into the night with "Poppyland through the Night." Unwind to timeless classics, the perfect companion for your late-night moments.

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