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How can a weekend be terrifying and exciting all at the same time?

Updated: Apr 7

Well, April has arrived, the weekend is here, it's the Easter Holidays and that can only mean one thing.

Sunday morning sees the eagerly anticipated next instalment of Treasure Hunt. Interest and anticipation has reached fever pitch, the presenters and producers are feeling the pressure of expectation and the outside broadcast mic batteries have been recharged. We even have a fetching new hot pink sock for the headset microphone that Claire will be using throughout the show.

If you're not familiar with the Treasure Hunt format, maybe you're not from around these parts? We've stepped into the air space vacated by Treasure Quest, which was cut by the BBC last year to much wailing and gnashing of teeth. The Quest may be over but the Hunt is very much on!

Due to an issue with our main WhatsApp number, we are using a temporary number this week for WhatsApp messages - 07946128775
You can now call the studio and talk to the radio car live on air by calling - 020 3781 9494

Adopted local hero ‘Blunders’ will rely on your help to solve the clues set by quizmaster Steve Osborn. He’ll pass on instructions to Claire in the car, which will be zig-zagging across Norfolk to hopefully find the treasure.


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