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Kerrys bagsy sponsorship of Stumpy Sanderson's 70s Stories

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

When word went out that Andrew Brammer was looking for sponsors for the next season of Stumpy Sanderson's 70s Stories, Kerrys Home Furnishings were quick to pounce. The new radio shows have been given a glam new makeover; a splash of Brut 33, an even larger splash of wacky stuff and more stonking ‘70s sounds. Kerrys Home Furnishings even found some long-forgotten stock at the back of the warehouse to kit out the studio with groovy geometric lino tiles and a funky mustard and avocado polyester three-piece suite (with matching pouffe)!

In the new series of Stumpy Sanderson's 70s Stories, Andrew introduces us to a host of zany new 70s characters; Mr Simpkins the Optician, Jack Carter the Psychiatrist (Michael Caine in ‘Get Carter’), The Two Inspectors - Blakey from ‘On The Buses’ and Callahan from ‘Dirty Harry’ - do a job-swap, and hip 70s legend Arnold Phillips brings us his Flared Disco Revival!

Andrew will also be joined by some epic studio guests too, including movers and shakers from 1970s North Norfolk and an author dude from New York for good measure.

You can catch Stumpy Sanderson's 70s Stories on every Tuesday from 7pm, or ‘on demand’ from the ‘Our Shows’ tab.

Andrew Brammer (left) seals the deal with Callum from Kerrys Home Furnishings

The new series of Stumpy Sanderson's 70s Stories is sponsored by Kerrys Home Furnishings. At their North Walsham store, you’ll find bang up-to-date carpets, furniture, beds and home accessories.

With quick measuring (in 1970s inches or modern millimetres), fitting and delivery slots available now (although the Commer van has been off the road since 1979), Stumpy Sanderson and his chums would definitely approve!

Visit Kerry's at Midland Road, North Walsham or give the team a call on 01692 503090


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