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Poppyland Radio mentioned in House of Commons

North Norfolk MP Duncan Baker delivered a compelling speech to the House on Tuesday 21 November. In closing his address during the debate of the Media Bill, Duncan referred to Poppyland Radio and emphasized the role of such an important media platform in, and for, the community. He described the Poppyland presenters and volunteers as "energetic, creative and talented", and the station as "one of the best".

Duncan speaks from experience, having officially opened the new Poppyland Radio studio complex 'The Pod' in September, and having been interviewed live by Nigel Pearce in his Music, Memories & Magic' show recently. He has supported and encouraged Poppyland Radio since the early days, but to be namechecked in Parliament has given everyone associated with the station a massive boost. Another boost came at the big switch-on at The Pod, when fossil-free energy company Vattenfall were announced as the main station sponsor.

Will Wilson, Poppyland Radio co-founder and MD, commented "From nothing to being mentioned in the House of Commons in a year and a half feels quite surreal. It's only when you hear us mentioned in such hallowed circles, that you realise just how far we've come and how much we've achieved. We were on the crest of a wave after opening the Pod, but this takes our pride and appreciation to a whole new level. Thank you Duncan."


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