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It's a Poppyland Bank Holiday!

DON'T MISS - Bertie Anderson LIVE on Saturday from 2pm (see weekend schedule below)

Listen live, click on a show for more info or get your Amazon or Google smart speaker to do the hard work! "Alexa, open Poppyland Radio*"


09.00am - 10.00am Brandflakes

10.00am - 12.00pm Music, Memories & Magic

12.00pm - 01.00pm Poppyland Songs with Bertie

01.00pm - 02.00pm Listen with Lucy

02.00pm - 05.00pm Bertie Sings LIVE

05.00pm - 06.00pm That Was The 60s, That Was

06.00pm - 07.00pm Beyond the Beaten Track

07.00pm - 08.00pm Rocky Shores

08.00pm - 09.00pm Bring it to the Table

09.00pm - 10.00pm The Poppyland Jukebox

10.00pm - 11.00pm Porky's Hot Rockin'

11.00pm - 00.00am Poppyland Through the Night


06.00am - 10.00am Poppyland Breakfast Show

10.00am - 12.00pm Poppyland Mid-Morning Show

12.00pm - 01.00pm Blast from the 90s

02.00pm - 03.00pm Two Coaches Talk Wellbeing

03.00pm - 04.00pm Home Truths

04.00pm - 05.00pm Poppyland Youth

05.00pm - 06.00pm Sunday Quiz

06.00pm - 07.00pm Keith's Classics

07.00pm - 08.00pm The Poppyland Jukebox

08.00pm - 09.00pm Keys to the Vault

09.00pm - 10.00pm The Eclectic Evening

10.00pm - 11.00pm The Punk Rock House Party

11.00pm - 08.00am Poppyland Through the Night

* You may need to set-up the Amazon 'Skill' so Alexa can find Poppyland Radio.

The Poppyland weekend schedule is sponsored by Cromer Cricket Club


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